We would like to thank all who have contributed to, supported and engaged with our independent review of health inequalities in Scotland. This particularly includes:

  • The advisory group for their time, expertise and insights which have helped to steer the research and conclusions of the review: David Bell, Sarah Davidson, Cam Donaldson, Anna Fowlie, Mubin Haq, Katie Kelly, Michael Marmot, Jim McCormick, Dona Milne, Shantini Paranjothy and Carol Tannahill.
  • Partner organisations who have provided such a comprehensive evidence base, guidance and for their commitment to the project: Anna Pearce, Gillian Fergie, Naomi Miall, David Eiser, Emma Congreve, Ciara Crummey, Allison Catalano, Katherine Smith, Adam Lang, Frances Bain, Grant Collinson, Mark Diffley, Nik Heslop, Fiona Hutchison, Lucia Mackenzie, Megan Dickson, Andy Maciver, Louise Robertson, Alison Moore, David Hawkey, Casey Smith and Philip Whyte.
  • Participants in the deliberative panel and attendees at stakeholder workshops and roundtables to help inform various research strands and to shape our final conclusions and a further phase of work.
  • Colleagues at the Health Foundation who have helped deliver the review and inform our conclusions: Carolyn Mill, Rita Ranmal, Beth Kay, Sean Agass, Jenny Cockin and Nadia Kalam, Jennifer Dixon.
  • Finally, we would like to thank Chris Creegan for his guidance, support and wisdom throughout the review – it has been invaluable.

Leave no one behind: The state of health and health inequalities in Scotland is published by the Health Foundation.

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