Where can I find out more?

Further resources

Full details of the research and the development of the framework are available in:

  • Vincent C, Burnett S, Carthey J. The measurement and monitoring of safety. The Health Foundation, 2013. Available at: www.health.org.uk/measuresafety
  • You can also download The measurement and monitoring of safety as a free ebook from the Apple iTunes store for iPad and iPhone or from Google Play for Android devices.

There are also a number of videos and webinars about the framework and managing safety proactively:

  • Professor Katherine Fenton talks about managing safety proactively and how the framework can be used to achieve this: www.health.org.uk/multimedia/video/katherine-fenton-on-managing-safety
  • Six leading patient safety experts discuss managing safety proactively and how the framework could help to improve patient safety: www.health.org.uk/multimedia/video/managing-safety-proactively
  • In a December 2013 webinar, Charles Vincent talks to Bill Lucas about the framework and answers questions from webinar participants: www.health.org.uk/multimedia/video/measuring-monitoring-safety

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