The authors would like to thank Tim Elwell-Sutton for his role in the setting up of this inquiry and our colleagues at the Health Foundation who have contributed greatly to its delivery including: Rachel Cresswell, Jenny Cockin, Sean Agass and Rita Ranmal. Thanks also to colleagues Hardeep Aiden, Anne Alarilla, Hugh Alderwick, Dominique Allwood, Miqdad Asaria, Usha Boolaky, Lucy Brinkley, Jennifer Dixon, Alex Franklin-Cheung, Maeve Gordon, Cara Leavey, Alice Major, Kathryn Martszalek, Anita Mehay, Clara Morrish, Ann Raymond, Mai Stafford, Charles Tallack, Toby Watt, Suzanne Wood and former colleagues Thomas Abrams and Alex Eastaugh.

We would also like to thank the individuals and organisations who submitted to our call for evidence and contributed to our research including: Research Matters, Kantar Public Ltd, the Good Things Foundation, Simon Stewart at the University of Portsmouth, Chantal Edge, Nadine Smith, Changing Lives, Manish Pareek at the University of Leicester, Bridget Lockyer on behalf of Bradford CSAG and interview participants from the Health Foundation inclusion panel. And thanks also to Grayling and Eleanor Stanley for their ongoing support

Finally, we would like to thank Dame Clare Moriarty and the Expert Advisory Panel who steered the inquiry from its inception. We would also like to thank Peter Goldblatt, Liz Sayce, Auriol Miller, Sarah Davidson, Suzanne Costello and Joanna Purdey for their expert guidance and contributions.

Errors and omissions remain the responsibility of the authors alone.