Implications for the NHS

Following the recent announcement that the government will increase NHS spending in England over 5 years from 2019, the NHS is putting together a long-term strategy on how this funding should be used and will then need to develop implementation plans.

While plans to target specific disease areas are important, our analysis shows that virtually everybody with cancer or a mental illness has additional conditions that can affect their

outcomes and need for care. We also show that the NHS faces significant challenges in meeting the needs of people with multiple health conditions, as this group is already using over half of NHS resources across primary and secondary care and could need an even bigger share in the future.

People with multiple conditions are at risk of receiving fragmented care across the various parts of the NHS. Without more joined-up care that recognises their needs, these patients may continue to experience poorer outcomes, such as increased mortality risk and longer length of stay, than patients with no additional conditions., We suggest six key steps that any long-term strategy and implementation plans should include to improve care for patients.

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