Annex A


1. NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework headline metrics

1.1 ‘A new service model for the 21st century’

  • ‘Primary and community services: annual implementation milestones for 5-year GP contract – more detail to be agreed: new community services response times and teams.’
  • ‘Comprehensive ICS coverage including a partnership board, drawn from and representing commissioners, trusts, primary care networks, and – with the clear expectation that they will wish to participate – local authorities, the voluntary and community sector and other partners.’
  • ‘Emergency care: on agreed trajectory for Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) and Integrated Urgent Care Services (IUCS).’

1.2 ‘More NHS action on prevention and health inequalities’

  • ‘Prevention (1): increase uptake of screening and immunisation.’
  • ‘Inequalities: inequalities reduction trajectory.’
  • ‘Prevention (2): alcohol care teams, tobacco treatment services, and diabetes prevention programme.’

1.3 ‘Further progress on care quality, access and outcomes’

  • ‘Maternal and children’s health: on agreed trajectory for 50% reduction in stillbirth, neonatal and maternal deaths and brain injury by 2025.’
  • ‘Improve cancer survival: Improve one and five-year cancer survival; on agreed trajectory so that 75% of cancer patients diagnosed at stage 1 or 2 by 2028.’
  • ‘Learning disability and autism: on agreed trajectory for halving inpatient rate by 2023/24 and increasing learning disability physical health checks to 75% of people aged over 14.’
  • ‘Mental health: on track for locally agreed service expansion, and increase in investment for mental health services as a share of the NHS budget over the next five years, worth in real terms at least a further £2.3 billion a year by 2023/24.’
  • ‘Implementation of agreed waiting times/clinical standards for urgent and emergency care, elective care, cancer and mental health, from April 2020, and the maintenance and improvement of performance for cancer treatment and A&E until that point.’

1.4 ‘NHS staff will get the backing they need’

Workforce metrics will be agreed through development of the NHS People Plan but will include:

  • ‘Staff retention: retention rate to improve by at least 2%.’
  • ‘Leadership: CQC well led indicator, and staff engagement indicator.’
  • ‘Diversity/inclusion: BME representation, gender, bullying/harassment.’

1.5 ‘Digitally-enabled care will go mainstream across the NHS’

  • ‘Outpatient reform: 30% reduction trajectory, outpatient digital role out [sic].’
  • ‘Empowering people: Summary care record roll out.’
  • ‘Access to online/telephone consultations in primary care.’

1.6 ‘Taxpayers’ investment will be used to maximum effect’ (aka the ‘five tests’)

  • ‘The NHS will return to financial balance.’
  • ‘The NHS will achieve cash-releasing productivity growth of at least 1.1% per year NHS.’
  • ‘The NHS will reduce growth in demand for care through better integration and prevention.’
  • ‘The NHS will reduce variation in performance across the health system.’
  • ‘The NHS will make better use of capital investment and its existing assets to drive transformation.’