Appendix: Key Health Foundation publications

Constructive comfort: Accelerating change in the NHS (2015)

This report identified the seven success factors for change at any level of the health system, but particularly locally in organisations. It looks at the reasons why they are not consistently present in the NHS, and considers what needs to be done to embed them more widely.

The habits of an improver (2015)

This report offers a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of the men and women who deliver and co-produce care on the ground – the improvers on whom the NHS depends. It describes 15 habits that such individuals regularly deploy.

Building the foundations for improvement (2015)

This learning report looks at how five trusts from across the UK built improvement capability at scale across their organisations.

Perspectives on context (2014)

This was a series of essays by leading academics exploring the issue of context in improving the quality of patient care.

Context for successful quality improvement (2015)

Building on Perspectives on context, we published this further evidence review on the importance of context.

Overcoming challenges to improving quality: Lessons from the Health Foundation's improvement programme evaluations and relevant literature (2012)

This research report provides a synthesis of learning from 14 of the Health Foundation’s improvement programme evaluations and sets this learning in its wider context.

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